Written and produced by Linda Simpson


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Chapter I

CHAPTER I - "In A Pickle"

Secret Affairs!  Hidden Identities! Erotic Thrills!  Our story begins with media maven LUCINDA BLACK, poor little rich girl PIXIE WOOLWORTH, batty old broad GERTRUDE MCCOY, dashing playboy ANTONIO BLACK and streetwise seducer DIEGO.

Chapter II

CHAPTER II - "Fresh Blood"

The plot thickens with the arrival of amateur detective VIOLA ST. CLAIR, status-seeking socialite AVON DE LUNA and wannabe pop star NICO CASSIDY.  The action climaxes at a dazzling media bash at the Zig Zag Lounge!

Chapter III

CHAPTER III - "Savage Love"

Reputations are dragged through the mud and a bitter family feud explodes as several new cast members make their debut—professional gossip MITZY LOU, fussy maitre 'd HUMPHREY and old-money sourpuss GIGI WOOLWORTH.

Chapter IV

CHAPTER IV - "Danger Zone"

Trickery and deceit permeate our story as Eurotrash photographer FAUSTO slithers onto the scene. Much sweeter is kissable cutie BAM BAM whose introduction causes complications galore!

Chapter V

CHAPTER V - "All Fall Down"

A hosptial bed awaits one of our unlucky Bitches!   And the victim didn't get there by accident!  Meanwhile, evil alliances converge, sex traps beckon and a secret love child is revealed!

Chapter VI

Story in progress!  Check out the latest drama now!

Chapter VII

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Chapter VIII

Story in progress!  Check out the latest drama now!