Written and produced by Linda Simpson


Bitches in the Sky is sponsored by Patricia Field, 302 Bowery NYC


From the highest floors of Manhattan's majestic skyscrapers comes the gender-bending cyberspace soap opera Bitches in the Sky.

Inspired by south-of-the-border photo novella magazines, the series follows New York's recession-proof elite as they ruthlessly pursue power, fame and erotic thrills in a world of zillion-dollar penthouses and 50th-floor boardrooms.

In a never-ending battle to be queen of the hill, it's every bitch out for herself!

The series stars an array of NYC nightlife personalities and is the creation of drag-queen performer and writer Linda Simpson.


Linda Simpson, Producer/Creator (lindasimpson.org and mycomrade.com)
Tim McNerney, Web Developer  (robotim.net)
Michael Magnan, Captions (wickedphobica.blogspot.com)

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All staff and cast can be reached at info@bitchesinthesky.com

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